• The Laminate is composed of a PET Film sandwiched between two layers of Non-woven Polyester Fleece.
• The thickness of the PET film and Fleece can be varied depending on the required laminate thickness.
• The laminate is also available with un-calendared version of the Non-woven Fleece which has enhanced varnish retention properties which in turn provides better electrical and thermal insulation.
• Both the variants are used in Phase separation and Slot & wedge insulation in Rotating (Motors) and Static (Transformers) machines up to Class F (155oC) applications.

Product Code:
• CG LAM – Aramide-PET-Aramide Laminate (Calendared Type).
• CG LAM UC – Aramide-Polyester-Aramide Laminate (Un-Calendared Type).
• Both the products are available in slitted widths from 10mm to 980mm.