What does CG Adhesive Products Limited do?

CG Adhesive Products Limited(Formerly known as CG-PPI Adhesive Products Limited) manufactures Special Purpose Self Adhesive Tapes for Electrical, Electronics, and other speciality applications including printed tapes, precision diecut components and labels.

Where is CG Headquarter?

CG Adhesive Products Limited(formerly known as CG-PPI Adhesive Products Limited) is located at Kundaim Industrial Estate Goa, which is approximately 17 kms from Panaji, the Capital of Goa; is built on 17853 sq.mtrs of land and has a built up area of 3600 sq.mtrs.  .

What kind of tapes does CGAPL Manufacture?

CGAPL Manufactures following Tapes

Class of Electrical Insulation Tapes for Transformers, Switching, LT & HT motors, Coil insulation, Traction Machines.

Specialized Applications Tapes for DUCT Applications, Automobile Wire Harnessing, Railway Coach Wire Harnessing, Shoe Upper & Leather Industries.

CGAPL also manufactures Self Adhesive Labels for Industrial Applications.

 How much is the lead-time for delivery?

Our lead-time is 4 weeks from Purchase Order

What is a Pressure Sensitive Tape?

A pressure sensitive tape is a adhesive tape that stick to a wide variety of clean dry surfaces with only the minimum of pressure applied. It is ready to use and does not need to be activated by water, solvent or heat.

A pressure sensitive tape consists of a relatively thin, flexible backing or carrier, coated with an adhesive, which is permanently sticky at room temperature. The tapes can be manufactured with the adhesive coating on one side (single-sided) or both sides (double-sided) of the carrier.

What is the backing that you use for your tapes?

We use Films, Fabrics Foils & Paper for the backing of tapes.

What is the type of Adhesive that you use for your tapes?

Acrylic, Rubber, Silicon and Epoxy.

How is tape produced?

There are 2 processes in the production of pressure sensitive tape i.e. Coating and Slitting. Coating is the application of the adhesive on to the carrier. Slitting is the cutting up of a huge ‘jumbo’ roll of coated carrier film into the large and small rolls of tape as we see them in the shops.


Since pressure sensitive adhesives are not runny liquids, they are not as easy to coat on to the thin flexible carriers, therefore they must be made less viscous (or thin) to make coating possible. The adhesive materials are mixed with water to form an emulsion or dispersion. This is then coated onto the backing and the coated film is passed through a series of Heated Ovens where the water in the adhesive is evaporated.


The coating process has now made a ‘jumbo’. This is what we call a huge roll of tape, perhaps 1.2m wide x 1000m long. It is the slitting process that turns the large jumbo into rolls for sale, in the sizes we all know. The jumbo is unwound onto a machine that contains a number of razor blades. The number and distance between these blades determines the width of the tape. The carrier passes over these blades cutting the tape into narrower widths and these are then wound on to cores to give the appropriate length for the finished rolls.

Why doesn’t tape stick to itself on the Roll?

We do pre-coating on other side of Tape which helps to release the tape easily.