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Manufacturing Facilities

Adhesive Coating Plant:

State of the Art Facility for manufacturing of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes. The machine is controlled by SCADA system wherein precision and accuracy can be delivered in the product output.

Lamination Plant:

SCADA Controlled Lamination Machine with precision control over the process ensuring consistency in the manufactured laminates.

Slitting Facility:

The Slitting Section in the factory comprises of wide variety of Rewinders, Slitters and Slicers. The converting processes are selected according to the nature of the product and the dimensions required of the final rolls.
The quality of the machines makes it possible to have rolls as small as 1mm wide with high accuracy.

Labels Section:

The Label Section in the factory specialises in Screen printing operations with print size ranging from small barcode labels to large container labels. The Section also holds a Letter Press Printing facility and Digital Printing Facility for different types of Labels.
The Plotting Facility ensures high quality Decals manufacturing. The Punching machines are used to manufacture Die Cuts as per customer requirements.