Tapes for Electrical, Electronic and Industrial (Specialty) Applications

Tapes, with and without adhesive, for electrical insulation encompass all insulation classes from Y to H i.e 95°C to 180°C. When selecting a Tape for electrical insulation, the following points are to be considered:
• Nature of the object requiring insulation and being processed.
• Insulation requirement and operation temperature.
• Resistance against heat and cold.
• Resistance against impregnating resins, cast resins, transformer oils, solvents, chemicals etc., during and after processing.
• Mechanical properties like conformability, tensile strength, tear resistance and so on.
• Adhesive properties like adhesion and tack depending on permanency of adherence required on the material surface and importance of tack.

Our Range of Tapes:

• Polyimide / Kapton® Adhesive & Non-Adhesive Tapes
• Polyamide / Nomex® Adhesive & Non-Adhesive Tapes
• Fiberglass (Glass Cloth) Tapes
• Self fusing Rubber Tapes
• Polyester Tapes
• Polyester Glass Tapes
• Polyester Fleece Tapes
• Cotton Fabric Tapes
• Rayon Fabric Tapes
• Metal Foil Tapes